Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! We have had a good week.

What are you thankful for this week? Here is my list:

~ my husband getting to come home earlier than expected from his trip.  We missed him, and it was a good surprise for him to get back today.

~ my big boy doing so well in his first six weeks of junior high. We are proud of his hard work and how he wants to be involved in various activities.  He is such a good big brother too.  He really helped me while Daddy was away.  Wednesday night he fed his baby brother his carrots so I could shower really fast.  Then I got out, and he was getting a bath ready for him and wanted to bathe him too.

~ snuggles with my baby boy.  I love when he lays his head against me.

~ taking pictures in the pumpkins with the boys and bringing home one for the porch plus some baby ones for inside.

~ enjoying the fall weather.

~ making it the days and nights by myself with the boys.  It went smoother this time than the other time he had to be gone overnight, and I was thankful.

Have a day of blessings!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Free CD download!

One thing I have always felt was important was memorizing Scripture. I remember as a little girl having memory verses to recite in Sunday School.  I want to pass this on to our children.  With our oldest son, even before he was school age I would write out verses on sentence strips for him to practice.  I can still hear him saying those in his sweet little voice.

I was so blessed to be introduced to Seeds Family Worship years ago.  We've bought several CDs since then.  The CDs are straight word for word from the Bible.  And it makes it so easy to memorize the verses as you sing the songs.  I've been encouraged by listening to these with my family.  Another great thing is that when you order a CD from them, they send you two CDs so you can keep one for yourself and give one away.  Great idea, huh?

You can get a FREE download of Seeds of Courage CD from the Seeds Family Worship website.  It is super easy to get, just visit their website.  I am not sure how long this lasts so get it while you can. You will be blessed!

Also, I wanted to point out the blog they have on their website. Each week they post a new lesson to do centered around one of the verses from a CD. Our family has been doing these for a Wednesday night family lesson during the school year.  There is a write up for both younger kids and older ones so it's easy to use the ideas in any family.  Check out the blog here.

Go now to their website! Share this with a friend too.  Here is their Facebook page too.

Have a day of blessings!

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Prince Who Was Just Himself

Today I want to share with you a children' s book called The Prince Who Was Just Himself by Silke Schnee.

About the book:
The royal couple is looking forward to their third child. “He looks a little different,” muses the king at Prince Noah’s arrival. “He is not like the others,” agrees the queen. Soon they notice what a very special person he is, even though he can’t do everything his brothers can. When the youngest prince disarms the cruel knight Scarface, the nation’s most dreaded enemy, with an act of compassion, everyone finally realizes how good it is that each person is unique. This delightfully illustrated fairy tale for children three years and older instills appreciation for children with Down syndrome and other developmental challenges, making it a valuable aid for teaching tolerance in the home or classroom.

My thoughts:
I enjoyed this book and feel it has a good message.   I was touched how little Prince Noah reached out to the mean Scarface. No one else in the kingdom would have done that.  He didn't know any different and because of this made an impact on the enemy.

The illustrations go nicely with the story, and young children will like the castle and the king and queen.

This is a sweet story in my opinion.  Children will enjoy it and hopefully learn something from reading it (as could the adults who read it). It would be appropriate for a family or classroom.

The back of the book also has information about Down syndrome which I found helpful to myself.

Thank you to Handlebar for sending me a copy of the book for my review.

Have a day of blessings!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Marsha's Musings

Happy October!  How is it already October?

This week in thankful for...
~ my husband having a job to go to today. We weren't sure if there'd be another government shutdown or not.

~ seeing (or I guess hearing!) my big boy learn to play the trumpet. I have noticed progress already in the last month. It's exciting to see his excitement as he is learning it.

~ being able to breastfeed our baby boy. I keep praying that will continue to go well.

~ so many answers to prayers lately. I'm thankful God hears us and cares for us and our concerns matter to Him.

~ being able to go to a consignment sale. My boys had a "boys' night" while I shopped. I found some good buys for fall and a Christmas present for Titus!  I've also sold a bunch of things at the same sale.

~ supper cooking  in the crock pot.

Have a day of blessings!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Marsha's Musings

This has been an interesting week for us. First on Monday I went to pick up Caleb's entries from the fair.  I was nearly there, and while I was stopped at a stop sign, I got rear ended. I felt the car jolt and looked back at Titus. He cried out when it happened like he was startled, but then was looking around and acting fine. My husband came as well as a police officer. The car has some damage that will need to be fixed. We are all thankful no one was hurt. And there were other things I was thankful for regarding this the fact that it happened on Monday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday when my husband was going to be out of town, that we have another vehicle I can drive, that we have another carseat Titus can use.

Other things I'm thankful for this week...
~  my husband's business trip being only one night. It was really hard doing all the evening stuff at home without him. It reminded me how much I need his help and made me appreciative of all he does when he gets home after working all day.

~ my big boy's leadership at See You At The Pole. We made it to school early Wednesday morning, and there was quite a crowd at the flag pole. It touched my heart to watch from the sidelines as the students joined in prayer.

~ my baby boy squealing with excitement. I just love his little personality, and his squeals when he is excited or happy are so fun!

~ attending the beautiful memorial service for my friend's Dad. It was so touching to hear the stories of the lives he touched as a coach. The coaches who shared spoke so highly of him and his positive influence in their lives, some saying he is he reason they became a coach and how he was such an encourager.  Also a couple mentioned how they never heard him say a curse word.

~ getting some clothes ready to take to the consignment sale. I'm excited to go shop at it too! I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to do for it. My Mom helped iron when she was here, and my husband cut out the price tags for me. Now I need to get them pinned on!

~ having a good trip to our niece's birthday party this weekend. She is 6, it's always fun to see them.

Have a day of blessings!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Called for Life

I was so blessed to listen to this book, Called for Life by Kent and Amber Brantly and Dave Thomas. I closely followed the story of Dr. Kent Brantly last year when he had Ebola, listening to updates and praying for him and his family.

This book tells the Brantly's story--how they met, why they went to Liberia, and the details of his battle with Ebola. It is truly a remarkable story. This is a great read to hear things from his perspective instead of parts of the story we were told via the media.  I appreciated that his wife's story was included as well of her feelings as she tried to process the whole ordeal as she was was across the globe from her husband.

The narrators, Kaleo Griffin and Sarah Zimmerman, were a great fit for this book. I've heard Dr Brantly speak in person and felt the male narrator did a good job with his part. The female narrator was just as fitting in my opinion. I appreciated that two narrators were used.  

This is an excellent book, and it will touch your heart.  Find Called for Life here.

I received the audio version of this book as part of the christianaudio Reviewers program.  Thank you. (I should add that it ended up taking me a while to listen to this completely and get my review done due to some things happening at home.  Thank you for your patience.)

Have a day of blessings! 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday

It's been a hard week. My best friend's Dad died.  They live here so I've been able to visit with her which is good.

I'm thankful for...
~  having time to talk with my husband.

~  going to eat lunch with my big boy. It was my first time to eat with him at junior high. Also, we went to the first pep rally. Fun times!  I was impressed the speaker who was the high school quarterback read a Bible verse and spoke about it.

~ baby boy Titus. Sing adaptable when we have changes to our regular schedule.

~ living here for this time. I was thinking how I'm thankful to live here around the road from my best friend's parents to be here during this time with her as she lost her Dad.

~ walking around at the fair. We looked at the entries Caleb had in the creative arts division. He had some that didn't place and then two 2nd places and one 3rd place.

~ being able to order things online. It helps me so much right now to save a trip to the store.

Have a day of blessings!